Price list

Choose your package based on your goal, one to one sessions available daily. As an example you might want to focus for 4 weeks on sprint speed and we can tailor your package towards that. Alternatively an injury might be preventing you from performing at your best so an 8 week return to play package could be the direction for you. 

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4 Week Starting Block

Our introductory package, this gives you 4 weeks of gym based training, with a primary focus, based on our pre booking consultation.

1 session of 1 to 1 gym training per week

4 weeks of gym based programming

As much online support as you need to work towards your goal


Online Programming - 4 week block

Based on the results of an online consultation we will provide 4 weeks of programming to move you closer towards your goals. Send in as many video clips as you like on exercises you're not sure on to get the most out of each session.

4 weeks of online programming

Unlimited online support 




8 Week Training Block

A more bespoke package, this 8 week block of training will give us plenty of time to work towards your training goal. Choose how many times a week you would like to train and what types of session you would like to include in your 8 week block. Fits nicely as a pre season option.

8 weeks of S and C programming

Weekly 1 to 1 sessions - 1/2/3 up to you!

Unlimited online support

1 session a week: £280

2 sessions a week: £525

3 sessions a week: £700


12 Week Competition Block

Our most advanced package, 12 weeks of training with all aspects encompassed. We will programme and deliver for all your needs with gym and field based sessions.

Gym and field based sessions

12 weeks of full programming - strength, speed, conditioning

Unlimited online support